Curly Hair Needs Special Care

If you’re one of the lucky girls with curls, you understand that with the beauty of curls come several styling challenges. Summer has come to an end, and fall can be the best time for your curls to shine. Here are some concerns and their solutions to help the seasonal transition and revive summer weary locks:

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Embrace the Season Change

Season changes bring color makeovers for many people.  With the approach of fall and winter on the horizon, many people crave a change in their hair to reflect the change of season.  Lighter, brighter blondes and brunettes transition to deep rich browns and reds.

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Are You Rocking It Out This Fall?

Fall fashion trends for this year are bringing back some styles from a different generation including high-waisted pants that are slimming and exaggerate the silhouette; making the legs look lean and the midsection look tiny. Plaid is also making a very big comeback this fall with everything from plaid coats to skirts. Fur and leather are also hot this season.

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The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

When it comes to updating your hairstyle, bangs (a.k.a. fringe) are a great way to make a big impact without sacrificing your style. First is choosing a fringe that will suit your hair type. The key is to choose one that will work with your hair type, not against it. This will ensure proper styling at home and cut down on day to day styling time.

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Is Hair Dead?

The answer is yes and no. The hair that is outside of your scalp is considered dead, simply because there are no blood vessels, nerves or muscles. Even though our hair is dead it, can stretch up to 30% of its length, if it’s healthy, and can also absorb its own weight in water. Our hair is also remarkable by virtue of its resilience. We color, cut, wash, brush, heat, cool, pull, tug, twist and rub our hair; and if it’s in good health, still remains intact.

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We Love the WOB!

We love the WOB style for summer!  Bob hairstyles are a huge look this summer, especially considering the previous popular short styles worn by celebrities (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco). The casual benefits and low maintenance of this haircut is taking precedent over the long curls and bedhead hairstyles worn by so many women.

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What’s Hot This Summer

This season is all about showing off your best features. As the weather gets warmer and summer begins we are seeing a lot of bold print shorts paired with solid blouses. This trend really draws the eye to your legs. So if you got them, flaunt them! We are also seeing a lot of backless dresses and peek-a-boo lace dresses. These are really fun to show off a little skin without showing too much. Another trend that is hot this year are crop tops either paired with high waisted shorts or pencil skirts. This might not be for everyone but if you have the abs then go ahead and show off your midriff. Dresses are also the way to go to show off your feminine side and enjoy being a girly girl this summer.

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