The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

When it comes to updating your hairstyle, bangs (a.k.a. fringe) are a great way to make a big impact without sacrificing your style. First is choosing a fringe that will suit your hair type. The key is to choose one that will work with your hair type, not against it. This will ensure proper styling at home and cut down on day to day styling time.

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It goes without saying that straight hair with a medium density is the best type of combination for any fringe, since it requires far less work and will fall into place naturally.  If you have coarse hair that is thin or really thick, avoid cutting a very heavy or blunt fringe. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, enhance your style with a soft and wispy fringe. Feathered fringes will soften a hairstyle, grow out well, and won’t require a lot of styling; though they do not work well for very curly hair.

Face Shapes

Second, there are four basic face shapes we all work with: round, oval, square and heart.

Those with oval faces are very lucky, since they can wear any type of fringe. But be careful not to overwhelm your features.  Round faces should try wispy fringe or side swept bangs to create balance and avoid adding width to their face shape.  For square face shapes, arched fringe or wispy side swept bangs will help soften the strong lines of their features. For longer (oblong) shapes, or those with high foreheads, fuller or blunt fringe is the best choice as it will create the illusion of width and give balance to your features.


Full, lash grazing fringe (i.e. Taylor Swift) pack major attitude.  Trimmed to the eyelashes and slightly angled down towards the temples, these bangs become the focus to any hairstyle.  Since blunt fringe is heavy and adds width, it flatters oval and heart shape faces, and those with thick textures.  Blow dry with a round brush.

Bangs cut above the brows with straight definition are strong and ideal for round or square faces.  This becomes a fashion statement and flat ironing once they’re blown dry gives them edgy definition. Have your stylist keep them longer and cut in increments until you reach your perfect length.


A lighter version of Swift’s eye skimming bangs is the arched fringe. This fringe gives any style a more bohemian edge and is trimmed in two sections – one that falls directly over the forehead, then longer layers on the sides that blend with the rest of the hair.  This style is perfect for oval faces, expertly camouflaging the forehead and corners of the eyes where women show the first signs of aging.


Curtain bangs (i.e. Zoe Deschanel) are parted either in the middle or right off the center part.  This is a great way to keep them out of your face while still drawing attention to the eyes. Similar to the arched fringe, wispy sides keep this look feminine.


And of course, there is the side swept fringe. This is best known as “non-bang” bangs. A vertical line is created where the hair starts to swoop, thinning a round face. Ask your stylist to trim a small section of hair in front of your face so the longest point falls above the tip of your nose for the most flattering look. Conditioning your hair to set in this side sweeping motion is key; round brush then set with a pin curl for 10 minutes for maximum effectiveness in setting the shape.

Whatever style you decide, discuss it with your stylist to find the best look for your face shape and what tools and products will help recreate the perfect look at home.


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