Are You Rocking It Out This Fall?

Fall fashion trends for this year are bringing back some styles from a different generation including high-waisted pants that are slimming and exaggerate the silhouette; making the legs look lean and the midsection look tiny. Plaid is also making a very big comeback this fall with everything from plaid coats to skirts. Fur and leather are also hot this season.

Vero Bella Salon, Frisco TX 75034


For makeup this fall black liner shows its versatility, red lipstick feels exciting again and flushed natural skin replaces heavy contouring.


Fun hair trends we are going to be seeing are a twist on some classic styles such as the French twist and the knot. Loose waves are also still very much a trend for fall.  However even they have a new twist and are shifting from the beach summer waves to the bohemian fall waves. The center parts are also going out and the deep side parts are coming back in a big way.



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