Embrace the Season Change

Season changes bring color makeovers for many people.  With the approach of fall and winter on the horizon, many people crave a change in their hair to reflect the change of season.  Lighter, brighter blondes and brunettes transition to deep rich browns and reds.

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This year, warm metallics take center stage.  Warm coppers, rose golds and yellow golds add a touch of interest to hair and can be placed with light touches to hair or a solid all over look. “Babylights” are popular and involves placing subtle variations of color throughout a person’s hair to mimic natural highlights a person is born with or from the sun. Whatever the choice you make, be sure to choose several photos of colors you like as well as placement to effectively communicate with your stylist.

Hair contouring is becoming more popular as it utilizes strategically placed hair color to flatter the face shape. A great example of this is Reese Witherspoon, who has a heart shaped face (wider forehead and narrow chin).  To minimize the width at the top of her head, roots are kept darker, while her ends are significantly lighter to increase the width at her chin.  This creates a wonderful balance in her facial features. To maintain a natural effect, stay within two shades of your natural hair color.


“Bronde” is another trendy term used for the perfect summer to fall transition.  Just as it sounds, this is the perfect combination of brown and blonde (think Beyonce).  Highlights and lowlights are placed and then a warm rinse or toner is placed on the hair to create a natural lived in effect for the overall look. This process quenches those dry, thirsty summer blondes.


Reds and browns take on a richness that embrace the season change.  The right color can be found to suit your personality and skin coloring.  Choose several photos and consult with your stylist to find your best fit.

Be advised, when changing from a very light blonde to a deeper color could mean a multi-step process to ensure perfect coloration and longevity.  Whatever your color makeover, embrace it and have fun!


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