I Feel Pretty

We all try diets, go to the Gym (well maybe not that one), pamper ourselves with massages and facials, are religious about our mani/pedi appointments, and of course we color those grey hairs (sparkles).  I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself “what you are really trying to cover up?”

Make a point to EAT HEALTHY and not starve yourself or go on crazy diets.  Your body needs foods from all the food groups in healthy proportions (not restaurant proportions). Invest in a great nutritionist that can help you plan your meals if you don’t know where to start.

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Thankful for Me

How Beautiful are you?  All of us forget to take the time to look at ourselves and how beautiful we really are.  Yeah, our nose may be crooked, our hair to thin, and our hips to big. It’s okay! None of us are perfect. (Hooray!!) Celebrate the outer flaws and embrace who you are.  But remember beauty is not only on the outside.  Take a look at the inside. Is anger causing frown lines, is fear holding you back, are your nutritional habits hurting or helping you?  Your inner beauty will outshine all of your external beauty. So take some time this holiday season and do a little soul searching.  Make 2012 a BEAUTIFUL year for you!

Vero Bella Salon, Frisco TX 75034