Add The Hunger Games Style to Your Look

We all know one of the most popular movies right now is the film adaptation of The Hunger Games and people (including us here at Vero Bella) are obsessed!  Here are some of the things we loved:

    Katniss’ Braid

A fun new twist on the French braid, diagonal!  Start your braid with a section of hair over one ear and direct your hair down and to the opposite side as you braid.

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Bright Colors

Everyone has seen the brightly colored pants that are hot this year, but you may be second guessing if you can pull them off or not. Well here is the good news; you don’t have to worry about it! Bright colors look good on everyone.  Maybe the pants are the tricky part. Anyone can pull off bright colored shoes, jewelry, makeup, or clothing. All you have to do is pick what you rock best! The colors are the trend not the pants. We pulled some pictures to show you different styles that can be worn by everyone!

red, pink orange clothes

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You heard right, Chalking

Ever wanna do something fun with your hair color but you feel like it won’t be professional for your daily life? Well we have something new and fun for you to try. This technique can be used on blondes and brunettes. Chalking — Very easy to do at home and will wash out the next time you shampoo your hair.
There are many different ways you can apply the chalk but we are going to go with what we find to be the easiest.

No heat curls #2

Sock Bun Curls
Here is another fun method to get those fun bouncy curls that will last all day without using heat. All you need is a pony tail holder, a brush, spray bottle, a sock (one you can cut up). This is a technique that you will sleep in over night and be set in the morning! Don’t we always say we wish we had super model hair when we wake up in the morning? Well here is how you do it! This is a harder technique to walk you through step by step so we attached a video that will show you how to do it. 🙂

No heat curls #1

Head Band Curls

We have researched and research the quickest and easiest way to curl our hair. Not to mention finding ways that won’t damage our hair and something that will last all day too. So here you are, Head Band curls! This technique is so easy and the hardest part is sleeping while you let them set!
What you Need:
-cotton or very soft fabric headband
-spray bottle
-wide tooth comb
-a good night’s sleep
Steps: (start this process before you go to bed)
1-Part your hair where you would like it to be when finished.
2- Put the headband over your head so that is is laying across your forehead and over the top to the back of your hair. (pull your bangs out of the headband if you don’t want them to be curled.
3- Spritz the hair that is below your headband until damp (not to much, you want the hair to dry over night).
4- Starting over the ear take about 1”- 1 1/2” section and loop it around the top of the headband.
5- Like braiding, add another section of hair and loop it over the top.
6- Push the loops up the headband toward the ear so you can have room for the remaining hair.
7- Repeat step 5 & 6 until you get to the center of the head.
8- Repeat steps 4-6 on the opposite side of the head and meet this section in the middle with the other section.
9- Combine the two sections and loop the sections through the middle until you run out of hair.
10- Sweet Dreams through the night.
11-In the morning gently unwrap your hair the same way you wrapped it and remove the headband.
12- If needed comb through your hair with wide fingers or a wide tooth comb to smooth down any crazy pieces.
13- Set with hairspray if you please.  Here is a video to show you how as well!