Static Isn’t Beautiful

The number one pet peeve of winter is static. It’s EVERYWHERE! You can’t hug your family, open the car door, put on a jacket, climb into bed, or even get dressed without pesky shocks and sparks interfering. And of course it’s impossible to even have one good hair day without static making your hair rise to high heaven! So we looked into some solutions to fix this problem:

# 1 – Metal to Metal- before touching your car, front door, whatever it may be, touch something metal you are holding to the spot you are reaching for (ex. put your car key in the door before you actually touch the door).
# 2 – Humidifier- Static appears in dry places! Pull out your old humidifier and run it every few hours in the popular rooms of your home.
# 3 – Keep your body moisturized- Once again static appears in dry places. Yes, that includes your skin and hair. Apply body lotion after showering to keep your skin super smooth and keep static from attracting to you.  Also keeping your hair moisturized with conditioners and leave-ins.
# 4 – Dryer Sheets!  Rub your clothes and bedding down with dryer sheets. No need to scrub, simply make a few swipes.
*** Extra tip: Rub a used dryer sheet over your TV screen to eliminate static and keep dust away!
# 5 – Hair Spray- Of course this is your answer for hair, spray all over to not only set your hair but to eliminate static. It also works for clothes, spray over clothes to prevent a little static cling. Spray on skin for excessive static cling. (Not to much!)
# 6 – Safety Pins- Pin a small safety pin to an inside seam of that slip or satiny skirt or blouse.

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The Right Way to Wash Your Hair

Ever been taught the right way to wash your hair? Did you even know there is a “right” way? Some do, some don’t.  Whether you knew or not, we are going to teach you. Knowing the right way will ensure you get the most out of your bottle of shampoo, ensure clean hair, and make sure you are actually getting the benefits of the type of shampoo you have.

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Thankful for Me

How Beautiful are you?  All of us forget to take the time to look at ourselves and how beautiful we really are.  Yeah, our nose may be crooked, our hair to thin, and our hips to big. It’s okay! None of us are perfect. (Hooray!!) Celebrate the outer flaws and embrace who you are.  But remember beauty is not only on the outside.  Take a look at the inside. Is anger causing frown lines, is fear holding you back, are your nutritional habits hurting or helping you?  Your inner beauty will outshine all of your external beauty. So take some time this holiday season and do a little soul searching.  Make 2012 a BEAUTIFUL year for you!

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Tips for Chapped Lips

It’s getting cold out and it seems like no matter how much you apply chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, or lick your lips they still burn 24/7. Although there are so many diagnoses we can look into for chapped lips let’s not be hypochondriacs and look at the facts. Cold weather is dryer than normal, it is more windy than usual, and people are drinking less water because let’s be realistic, who wants ice water when its -100°(come on we are in Texas)! Lips dry out when they are dehydrated, therefore they crack and burn . . . yuck! So we wanted to help out.  We did some investigating to find out how to relieve the chapped lip drama. First of all, STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS because when your lips are dry and you lick them, they become twice as dry as they were before you tried to help. Second, drink more water. No one can stress this enough.  Water does not only help your insides but it helps your skin, hair, nails, and lips, of course, because they will be more lusciously hydrated. You should be drinking 8 glasses a day anyway right? Third tip for the day: you are wasting your money on any chapstick that doesn’t have a least SPF 15! No, you don’t need that tingly feeling to think your lips are healing. And that scrumptious Cherry or Dr. Pepper flavored junk you have is making you lick your lips which is breaking rule number one, BAD!  So here is the reality, when you put something on your lips to hydrate them but the rays from the sun aren’t being blocked out, the UVA and UVB rays are still drying out your lips. Sun=Dry Dry=OUCH! We took the liberty to look into some of the chapsticks and the most popular choices either had SPF 4 or none at all.  So those don’t help. Here are a couple that we did like: SOFTLIPS – $4 for 2 (most flavors have SPF 20 just check the label); EOS Lemon Drop – $3 (this is the only flavor of this brand with SPF).  We hope your lips will be happy now!

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Scarves are so much FUN!

Scarf Tying Techniques- Man, do we have something fun for you today! As you know scarves are the #1 accessory during the fall and winter months, and you always see the same old-fashioned way of wearing it. WELL NOT ANYMORE! We have found an amazing website that gives you step by step directions on 37 different ways to tie scarves. Not only neck scarves but head, loop, and square scarves as well. It is our goal to keep your styles new and fresh.  So give a few of these a try and see what kind of complements you get! You now have no reason to not try something new, have fun!

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Our Stylists

Michelle Lawson is the owner of Vero Bella.  She has over 10 years of experience as a stylist and loves giving her clients wearable cuts and colors that are easy to maintain and style.  She is an educator for Keune Hair Cosmetics and trains all the stylists that come to work for her.  Our goal at Vero Bella is to help our clients discover their True Beauty.

Sarah Howell is a Phase 2 stylist with 2 years of experience. She has a passion for her clients and works hard to understand their needs and give them the best style and color to suit those needs. Sarah also loves learning.  She is constantly taking classes and checking out the latest trends to keep her clients up-to-date.

Amy is very passionate about the hair industry.  She comes to Vero Bella with 3 years of experience with training from Vidal Sassoon, Redken and most recently with Keune.  Education and training are very important to her and she loves keeping up with the current trends. Amy specializes in personalized cuts and enjoys adding color to complete your look. Her future goals include massage therapy school where she can continue to pamper her clients.  If you are looking for a dedicated stylist whose goal is to make her clients look and feel beautiful then Amy would be the perfect choice. She can’t wait to get to know you!!!

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We wanted to take a moment and Welcome you to Vero Bella’s Blog.  We are a new salon in the Plano/Frisco TX area and we can’t wait to share our passion for the beauty industry with you. Our stylists are excited to bring you news about what is happening at Vero Bella, product information, trends, and how to’s that will keep you looking your best. (Remember if you need a little extra help, contact your favorite stylist and they will be more than happy to assist you.) Our Blog will act as our newsletter to all who want to follow us with weekly publications.
We hope you enjoy our blogs and have fun discovering your True Beauty.