Choosing a Curling Iron

When choosing a curling iron there are several factors to consider and a hundred different options. First and foremost you should determine what size you would like your curls to be. Curling irons come in many different sizes ranging from 3/8 an inch to a full 2 inch barrel. If you would like larger curls then you would choose a larger barrel and for smaller curls a smaller barrel. You may also consider the texture of your hair and how well your hair “holds” the curl.  You might choose an iron one size smaller if your curls are going to relax on their own.

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Permanent and Demi Permanent Hair Color

When deciding on the best options for your hair color needs, it can get a little confusing. So here is some insight to help you understand what your hairdresser is talking about when deciding between Permanent and Demi Permanent color.

There are only 2 types of color molecules in hair color, Oxidative and Non-Oxidative, and it all comes down to how you use them.  Oxidative dyes need a developer (H2O2) as the catalyst to start the oxidation process. This is the reaction that causes permanent color to become permanent. Non-Oxidative dyes or direct dyes do not need a developer as these dyes just sit on the surface of your hair.

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Choosing Hair Extensions: Part 1

New innovative and technological improvements have completely changed the look and feel of hair extensions, providing easier and safer methods of hair lengthening and volume. Today professional hair extensions are more popular than ever and are used for much more than just length. They offer limitless hair design options from hair color transformations, new textures and added fullness. For years people thought that extensions would only damage their hair and this negativity is still associated with original methods. But, there are safe methods of hair attachment that can provide you with all the benefits and still maintain the integrity of your hair. Let’s look a little deeper into what extensions are and what to look for when shopping for your hair and what your stylist should be telling you about.

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Choosing the Correct Round Brush

A round brush is primarily used for styling and can be very effective. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose the correct one for your hair. With a round brush, you can straighten while maintaining body, create soft waves, and maximize volume.

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Hair and Style Trends for Spring 2015

Spring is upon us and so are the latest casual trends and styles for 2015. Change up your hairstyle with length this season.  Longer locks are in, so let that bob grow and add texture and wave for a casual look or keep your long hair growing strong. Low key looks are making a big comeback which is great for people with minimal styling experience.  Add “boho wave”, long pony tails, and braids of all kinds.

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