The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

When it comes to updating your hairstyle, bangs (a.k.a. fringe) are a great way to make a big impact without sacrificing your style. First is choosing a fringe that will suit your hair type. The key is to choose one that will work with your hair type, not against it. This will ensure proper styling at home and cut down on day to day styling time.

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Aaaahhhh! My Bangs are driving me crazy.!

Bangs driving you crazy today? DON’T CUT THEM! Pin them back in a cute style until you find time to get into the salon for a bang trim. There is more to pinning bangs then just pulling them to the side.  Make it cute! We pulled a video just for you to learn a couple of easy styles for your crazy bangs. They are all very easy and can be pinned back with a simple bobby pin or a cute small clip.

  Easy ways to style bangs