Shears or Scissors?

Why does your stylist use shears instead of regular scissors?

Stylist shears are made of stainless steel and are manufactured in Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, China, India, or Pakistan.

They are usually mixed with different metals such as:

  • Carbon to harden and increase corrosion resistance
  • Chromium to protect against corrosion and add heat resistance
  • Vanadium to add toughness and fatigue resistance to maintain set and balance
  • Cobalt and Titanium to increase hardness and decrease weight and will result in the finest scissor steel

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Healthy Summer Hair

Summer presents its own challenges as you try to keep your hair healthy. Here are a few products that we recommend and some tips for protecting your hair this summer.

Image Repairing After Sun Shampoo

 Image Sun Sublime

 Tip #1

Wash your hair immediately after swimming.  If you can’t shampoo right away at least rinse your hair with clean water. We have shampoos that will remove chlorine buildup and protect your hair from outdoor elements such as sun and wind.

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How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Stylist’s often get asked the best way to get a salon worthy blow out at home. While we admit it isn’t easy to do yourself, it is possible. We suggest investing in the right tools like a good blow dryer with a nozzle attachment, one that is ionic (it makes a real difference) and one that is at least 1875 watts as this will give you enough power to get the job done in a timelier manner. Round brushes with compact bristles for tension and of course good styling products are musts. Ask your stylist for recommendations that are right for your hair.

Here is a video to help give you a visual and get you started:

It may take some practice but soon you’ll be able to get salon worthy hairstyles all on your own.

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Argan Oil

~ So Pure’s Moroccan Argan Oil

This month we are completely obsessed with the Moroccan Argan oil from So Pure.  Like all So Pure products, this oil is 100% certified organic as well as completely sulfate, paraben and chemical free.  Additionally, the argan oil does it all!

  • Revives, soothes and nourishes damaged hair
  • Softens unmanageable hair
  • Alleviates split ends
  • Protects from UV damage, external influences and heat styling
  • Eliminates frizz and locks out humidity
  • Conditions
  • Guarantees hair’s improvement
  • Can be used in other So Pure products to increase their conditioning

The best part is anyone with any hair type can use it!  You fine or thin haired people don’t need to be afraid of it.  Yes, it is oil, but it is very light weight and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.  If you’re still skeptical, ask your stylist to do the paper test next time you are in, it is incredible!  We love this product and we know you will too!

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No heat curls #2

Sock Bun Curls
Here is another fun method to get those fun bouncy curls that will last all day without using heat. All you need is a pony tail holder, a brush, spray bottle, a sock (one you can cut up). This is a technique that you will sleep in over night and be set in the morning! Don’t we always say we wish we had super model hair when we wake up in the morning? Well here is how you do it! This is a harder technique to walk you through step by step so we attached a video that will show you how to do it. 🙂